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MyMAPS is a secure web-based interactive data warehouse and mapping suite that allows lands managers, geoscientists and prospectors to efficiently and effectively organize, communicate and manage a growing sea of information and ever changing rules.

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MyMAPS Modules


A practical lands management toolkit that organizes information needed by lands managers spatially and logically and provides time saving functions, queries, alerts, and scheduled updates with public regulatory framework databases on key obligations required to keep you lands in good standing


Offers a data compilation repository for interpretation, collaboration, project planning, field updates, and presentations.


A secure document repository with associated agreement summaries and obligations organized and displayed spatially based on the specific tenures they affect.


Designed for property inventory purposes, mine planning, GIS and infrastructure requirements


Designed for municipal land and asset management including but not limited to transit, waste, recycling, water, sewage, permits, licenses, parks and recreation.


  • View tenure fabric
  • Links to live claim abstracts
  • Search and view properties available for sale and option
  • Mining and Exploration Service director

MyPROSPECTS Premium Subscription

Starting at $40/mo

  • Track pending due dates
  • Claims activity monitoring in areas of interest
  • Quick links to live claim abstracts
  • Online access to G Numbers for dispositions
  • Powerful and flexible province wide search engines.
  • Download/email shape files
  • Buffer/Area of Interest tool
  • Handy draw/select tool for project planning and communication
  • Nightly updates with MNDM
  • Generate and print maps in seconds for reports, reference, government aplpications and credit management.
  • Get access to the information you need quickly and easily through one interface.



  • View tenure fabric
  • Links to live claim abstracts
  • Search and view properties available for sale and option
  • Mining and Exploration Service directory

Caracle Creek is pleased to announce that TECTERRA Inc., a not-for-profit Canadian organization investing in and supporting the development and commercialization of innovative geomatics technology for integrated resource management and other geospatial applications is now proudly supporting Release 2 of Caracle Creek's MyMAPS



  • Spatial display with pop up window of information on your property
  • Link to your company or corporate presentation
  • Link to supporting documents (i.e. geology report, NI 43-101, registered agreements)
  • Fully Searchable
  • Benefits: high exposure, cost effective target marketing.


Starting at $45/month

  • Spatial location display with pop up of information about your business
  • Link to your website
  • Fully Searchable
  • Featured option adds a prominent display of your corporate logo linked to your website on MyPROSPECTS frame
  • Benefits: maximum exposure and cost effective target marketing




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